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Often you forget what you read and the time you wasted on that reading just happened to be gone. You could have done better if you knew how to read in a more organized scientific way with a little bit purpose that you set in advance. Through this course, you can know how to read papers, books, and other scientific publications in a way that you do not hate yourself. 

This course teaches you how to use the internal referencing tool inside microsoft word software to organize your citation and references.

Well, if you are a newbie, you can barely feel the pressure from publish or perish yet, because you are not stepping in the door yet. This course teaches newbies about academic publishing. What journals they should choose, how to choose, what usually needs to pay attention when submitting your manuscripts, etc. I promise, after this course, you will step your feet inside the door. But sorry, then welcome to publish or perish world!

Listen, research ethics are not just blah blah blah. It occurs frequently to researchers on purpose or without being awared. If your professor claims authorship over your work even though he or she did not do a thing, is it violating the research ethics? Surely it is! What other cases can be considered as violating the research ethics. Well, join to know. At least you need to know what are happenings and what may possibly happen in this topic, just in case unfortunately one day you need to deal with. Better be prepared to be a healthy researcher with healthy research ethics from the very beginning. Get trained now.

When you are a non native speaker of English but have to publish in English, you need to know how to make it as polished as possible to be qualified for academic publishing. This course introduces you to the world of academic writing and listen to your peers about their experiences and take away some best practices.

This course introduces the scientific citation, its styles, useful tools, teach you how to use proper tools to organize references and citations smoothly in your research writing.

Are you coming to USI for a Doctoral degree in Communication Sciences? Or are you already in? Here is a very important course contributed together by different PhD students and graduates at USI. You will absolutely get an idea about what it is like and what needs to be done. Learning from peers is important besides learning from your professors. Give a try. You will be surprised!

Students are grouped in this space. The grouping rule is based on the exam or the class name. Only students of the same exam/class can see and interact with each other. Each section of this space is one group, giving space to an independent group of students. It contains the following activities and resources:

  • StudentQuiz: a tool for students to contribute questions and answers, to comment on questions, to rate questions, to run for ranking competition with other students, to get social thanks to exams.
  • Forum: a tool for students to ask further questions, discuss about topics, free conversation, etc.
  • Glossary: a tool to contribute definition of concepts, which can form as a dictionary or reference for the whole group.

Students like questions to help them prepare for exams. However, it’s hard to provide enough questions for many self-assessments and exams. That’s one reason why the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil developed the Moodle plugin StudentQuiz. StudentQuiz enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle. Even if an individual student contributes a few questions only, a large cohort could easily build up an extensive question pool. With this course, you will get to know StudentQuiz as a plugin of Moodle.

Improve your ability in a fundamental part of research: a literature review

Many students are required to write a critical review of current academic literature in their area of interest - researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates. Developing a great critical review is vital, but not always taught.

In this course, you will be guided through this complex process step-by-step, seeing examples, finding information and developing useful questions that will help you plan, draft and refine a critical discussion of what is and is not yet known about your topic.

A carefully prepared and thorough research proposal is usually crucial for applications for advanced or doctoral study, and can provide the launchpad for the first stages of that postgraduate study.

This online course will give you the awareness, skills and tools to write a well thought-out and achievable research proposal, helping you improve the quality of your postgraduate applications. It will also give you a taste of the self-study required in postgraduate doctoral research.

The course focuses on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, but much of the content is relevant to all disciplines.


In collaborazione con CLARE Sagl abbiamo l'opportunità di organizzare a titolo gratuito un breve corso introduttivo in merito alla video comunicazione. In particolare il corso ha l'obiettivo di fornire un quadro generale di cosa vuol dire comunicare, nel quale collocare lo strumento video con scopi pubblicitari del proprio prodotto o servizio dell'azienda, e con esso fornire anche degli accorgimenti tecnici per procedere alla realizzazione del video.

I contenuti del corso si concentrano su tre aspetti:

Comunicazione : Emettere non significa comunicare, cos'è un brand, il messaggio pubblicitario come percezione e persuasione del cliente “vagabondo”, i quattro padri (e le relative leggi) della comunicazione pubblicitaria, il briefing, la strategia pubblicitaria cos’è, chi la decide, a cosa serve, i suoi obiettivi ,gli otto principi di valutazione e i criteri di valutazione della creatività , le ere del mrkt: della proprietà, dell’interruzione e dell’accesso, i nuovi trends tra cui permission, viral, tribal, behavioural, guerrilla, automation marketing. Esercitazione e domande. (2 ore)

Social : utilizzo dei diversi canali presenti, come inserire un video nella strategia dell'azienda , come definire una strategia social efficiente con l'introduzione di un video. Come cambia l'algoritmo di Facebook per le aziende. Esercitazione e domande. (2 ore)

Operativo : processo realizzativo , strumentazione necessaria, formati e tipologie di video, software di montaggio e postproduzione, organizzazione delle riprese e scaletta, elementi di comunicazione visiva e non verbale. Esercitazione e domande. (2 ore)


  • 了解香港每一所院校和专业的情况,以选择最适合你的院校和专业。
  • 如何写英文邮件与感兴趣的院校或学系联系,以咨询有关申请的资讯。
  • 数数为了符合入学资格要做的事情。
  • 如何向心仪的院校和专业提交申请。
  • 如何利用网络和在线工具来协助申请过程。
  • 搜索奖学金机会。

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OVCOSE is launching its first workshop at USI
by OVCOSE Support - Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 11:51 AM

#ovcose is launching a workshop "A Social Way to Prepare for Exams: Build Community, Score Great" at USI Università della Svizzera italiana at 18:30 on 28 May, 2018 to introduce the #social#learning and how to use #StudentQuiz in #Moodle to help students prepare for exams. #BuildCommunityScoreGreat 

Check out the event and enroll for free: https://ovcose.com/course/view.php?id=267

OVCOSE supports CP Startup and CLARE Sagl in their event
by OVCOSE Support - Thursday, 3 May 2018, 11:45 AM

OVCOSE has been assigned as the online course provider for an offline workshop called "Facciamo un video"? Corso gratuito sui Video Content in comunicazione. which will take place on May 7 at 14:00 at USI in Aula 402. 

OVCOSE will provide support in video shooting and editing, course creation and management for this workshop. 

You can subscribe to this free event here, and participate in its free edition online here

Micro-course for you for me
by OVCOSE Support - Tuesday, 24 April 2018, 5:51 AM

Ovcose is shifting to be a platform that aims to invite the public to create micro-courses online for the purpose of sharing knowledge and skills. From now on, all people can submit to create a course on ovcose.com. Once approved, it will be launched on the platform to meet the global learner community.